Free farm business reviews with Arthey Associates

We are delighted to confirm that Arthey Associates will be delivering the AHDB’s Farm Business Review Service this winter. AHDB have been awarded a grant by the Future Farming Resilience Fund to support farm business assessments to place your enterprise in the best position to tackle upcoming changes in BPS. The first resilience checks start this week, 8th November, and run to the end of January 2022.

Tom Arthey, director at Arthey Associates, says: “It is great to be selected to facilitate this really practical programme, helping existing and new clients to make sure their business is resilience stress tested for a reduction and eventual end to BPS payments in 2027.”

The programme will assess how strong or weak farm businesses are in preparation for the BPS changes, help farmers understand how BPS will change in the coming years as it is phased out, as well as be able to then refer farmers for further free advice facilitated by AHDB’s programme.

“This resilience check should be a no-brainer for farmers; not only is the cost of the consultation covered by the Future Farming Resilience Fund, but it gives you the opportunity to health check your business against a number of Key Performance Indicators, and look at ways to help your farm adapt to the changing BPS position, whether that’s diversification projects that might work for you, stewardship schemes, or specialist advice from AHDB’s other programmes.”

If you would like to sign up for this no cost assessment of business resilience on your farm, call 01832 270 269 or email

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