The farming industry is supported by various subsidies, grants and stewardship schemes, the vast majority of which come from the Common Agricultural Policy of the UK’s membership of the European Union.

Whilst there is some uncertainty as to how, and to what level, agriculture will be supported in the longer term after the Brexit vote, for the time being, the existing subsidy regime, grants and environmental stewardship schemes remain in place.

We are keeping a close eye on how subsidy, grants and stewardship schemes may change as the UK agricultural policies become untwined from the EU, but in the meantime we continue to provide advice on existing grant schemes, and how your farming business can make best use of them.

We can complete annual Basic Payment Scheme applications on your behalf, advise on entitlements, ensure your farm is adhering to cross compliance rules, and advise on environmental measures that can be implemented on farm.

We also advise on implementing environmental stewardship schemes and woodland grants on farms and estates, capital grant schemes available for land and woodland improvements, and grants available for business diversification measures.

To discus how we can help you to access grants and schemes for your business, please contact us for more information.