We have many years experience of representing the interests of landowners and farmers during the instillation of utility, road and rail schemes.

Whether it be utility companies laying pipelines and cables under your land, or highways schemes acquiring land for the construction of new roads, it is important that the interests of land owners and land occupiers are adequately represented throughout all stages of the process.

This includes initial consultation with the acquiring authority to ensure that, where possible, the route can be located to minimise the losses both of land and in the value of the retained property; during the installation to ensure that the scheme is being correctly implemented and record any damage to property and land; and after the installation to ensure that the correct levels of compensation are awarded for the disturbance and injurious affection to the land and business.

The underlying basis of compulsory purchase and compensation is that the landowner/farmer should be put in no worse financial position at the completion of the scheme. It is important that professional advice is sought at all stages of the scheme. Professional fees are usually paid in full by the acquiring authority.

Please contact us if you have been contacted by a utility provider, local authority, the Highways Agency or Network Rail concerning a scheme crossing your land.