Ownership of land and property often comes with various third party rights, boundary queries or ownership quirks that have the potential to develop in to costly disputes.

Whilst the Land Registration Act 2002 has done much to bring transparency and clarity to many of these issues in recent years, large amounts of land across the UK have remained in the same hands for many years, and are yet to be registered.

We have expertise in the first registration of land, mapping and measuring boundaries; investigating historical property rights such as manorial rights, chancel repair liabilities, and drainage rights; statutory declarations to land ownership; and management of private easements and rights of way.

We can also advise on diversion orders on public rights of way, prevention of prescriptive rights of way from being obtained across your land, and how to prevent land informally used by the public from being registered as a village green under the Commons Act 2006.

The simplest way to avoid costly disputes over boundaries, ownership and third party rights is by proactive management. Please contact us if you would like to discuss mapping or land right queries further.