Covid-19 Arthey Associates update

“Following the advice and measures put in place by UK Government to combat the spread of Coronavirus, Arthey Associates have modified our working arrangements but are still here to assist our valued clients and customers as usual during these uncertain times.

Our staff are set up for full remote working, and we would therefore encourage you to contact us on our mobiles rather than the office number if you should need to speak to us, –  Tom Arthey on 07748 295 448 or Amy Woolliscroft on 07858 656 444.

We are committed to supporting our clients in any way we can during these uncertain times, and are available to provide business support, PR and marketing advice to businesses new to online communications.

Our policy regarding face to face meetings is that these should be at the discretion of the individuals involved, and depending on the level of risk this poses to staff, clients and public at large. We are, however, fully set up for conference and video conference meetings where this provides a practical solution.

As things stand, Basic Payment Scheme and Countryside Stewardship applications are still working to existing deadlines, and we are on hand to assist clients with these in the usual way. Please get in touch for further advice.”

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