Countryside Stewardship and Grant Funding Update

Farmers and land managers have until 31st July 2019 to apply for Mid-Tier stewardship schemes, whilst those applying for Higher Tier have until 3rd May 2019, to complete their application.


Key diary dates for the current schemes are:

Higher Tier (18th Feb to 3rd May 2019 application window)

Mid Tier (18th Feb to 31st July 2019 application window)

Wildlife Offers (18th Feb to 31st July 2019 application window)

Hedgerow & Boundaries (18th Feb to 3rd May 2019 application window)

Tree Health (open for applications all year)

Woodland Management Plans (open for applications all year)

Woodland Creation (open for applications all year)

15th May 2019 – CS/ES revenue claims deadline (without penalty).

31st May 2019 – deadline for making certain changes to a submitted CS/ES revenue claim without penalty submitted before 15th May 2019.

The Brexit waters are still muddied, but we do know that as things stand, the current Basic Payment Scheme will be phased out with funding for environmental benefits and public goods at the front of the new agricultural policy. At Arthey Associates we strongly encourage our customers to make use of entering Countryside Stewardship agreements now, to be well-placed to benefit from the new Environmental Land Management (ELM) system, which is due to be introduced 2024/2025. This will follow three years of piloting the new system nationally.

You can view all of the CS/ES deadlines here and for help with submitting your application, please speak to Tom on or 07748 295448.

All Rural Development Grant Programs are currently closed to new applications except for community and charitable initiatives. Many of these grant schemes, such as the Growth Programme, Countryside Productivity Scheme, and local LEADER grant programme are unlikely to reopen on the same basis as before, as most funds have now been allocated. There is the possibility that grant application windows will open for small grants such as the Countryside Productivity Small Grant scheme to allocate any remaining funds. If you would like to be specifically notified when any grant scheme windows open, please complete the form below:

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